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Ah, potty training – it’s a journey that can test the calmest of mommies and daddies. From creative storytelling to making up lullabies, we’ve all been there. But fear not! A positive reward system can work wonders in this endeavor. 


When you use Potty training rewards, your kids follow behavior and these rewards serve as excellent motivators. With my sons, I used stickers as rewards. Every time they would go potty I would give them a sticker and place one on their potty chair where they can see it. They were motivated to keep going potty because they knew a sticker would be their reward. 


Even pediatricians and child development specialists agree that 40 to 60 percent of children are potty trained by 36 months. These experts believe rewards can be a fantastic tool to motivate and excite those little ones during the potty journey! The key is promptly providing rewards for potty training so your child connects the action with the prize. 


So, let’s dive into the top 20 potty training rewards that will make this adventure less “crappy” and more exciting for your little one!

Do Potty Training Rewards Work?

Positive reinforcements such as rewards or treats can assist with potty training. Most pediatricians suggest only using rewards for a month at the most.

What are the best potty training rewards for my toddler?

The best potty training rewards are simple praise, a happiness jar filled with favorite activities, potty books, potty dolls, and special mommy or daddy time.

1. Even Little Praises Do The Trick:

When celebrating potty triumphs, nothing works better than giving your little praise, but remember, just keep it simple Sis. So, get ready to clap, dance, or even let out a big ”Yay”  or “You did it” when your little one successfully uses the potty. Your enthusiastic response will light up their world and encourage them to keep those wins coming!

2. Special Goodies Jar

Let’s collect your little one favorite goodies and add them to this special jar. Gather a particular jar and fill it with your kiddo’s favorite activities or special treats. Whenever they conquer the potty challenge, they dip into the delight’s jar and pick their well-deserved reward! It’s like a little treasure filled with happiness in your bathroom!

3. Books for Bathroom Buddies:

A stack of fun and exciting potty books in the bathroom will be your child’s trusty companions while they embark on their potty journey. Reading on the toilet keeps them entertained and helps them feel more comfortable with the whole idea of using the potty. It’s like having a bathroom buddy cheering them on!

Bathroom Buddy as a reward for potty Training

4. Meet the Potty Doll:

Time to introduce your toddler to the Potty Doll, a real game-changer in potty training! This clever doll can drink from a little sippy cup and wet its diaper. How cool is that? Your little one will grasp the concept of using the potty when they see their doll doing the same. It’s like a mini-potty training class; they get to be the teacher too!

5. Special Time with Mommy or Daddy:

What’s better than celebrating successful potty days with extra snuggles and one-on-one time with mommy or daddy? Yep, it’s the ultimate reward for those potty victories! Your child will feel super special, cherished, and more confident with that extra dose of love and attention from their favorite person – you!

6. Try the Magical Lollipop Tree:

You need a magical “Lollipop Tree” right in your home, where your little one’s potty victories bloom into sweet rewards! All you need is a tree-shaped poster or cutout on the wall, and every time your kiddo successfully uses the potty, they get a lollipop to hang on the tree. It’s a delightful and yummy incentive to make them feel like they’ve stepped into a candy wonderland! Plus, who can resist a lollipop? The kind of treat’ll make them rush to the potty happily!

7. Marbles Drop Tie:

If your little potty champ is a visual learner, here’s a genius idea! Grab a container and some marbles, and let the marble magic begin! Each time your child conquers the potty, they get to add a marble to the container. And guess what? It’s not just a jar of marbles; it’s a jar of motivation and excitement! Your clever kiddo earns a well-deserved reward once that container is filled to the brim with marbles. It’s like watching their success grow right before their eyes!

8. Celebrate the Day:

Oh, let’s turn those dry days into moments of celebration! After a successful day without any accidents, it’s party time! Plan something special for the evening to honor those dry undies. A trip to the park with giggles and playtime, or maybe a delightful ice cream adventure together is about making those victories unforgettable and full of joy! Your child will beam with pride and feel like they’ve won the potty challenge like a true champion!

9. Tower of Success with Blocks:

Get ready to build a tower of triumph with the power of Lego blocks! Add a Lego block to the tower every time your little superhero uses the potty. It’s like constructing a monument of their potty successes! The higher the tower gets, the closer they are to their ultimate reward. It’s a fantastic way to motivate and inspire them on their potty journey. Plus, who doesn’t love the satisfaction of building something unique, one block at a time?

10. Your Little Hero's Journey: Keep a Record Of Their Potty Wins

Get creative and craft a potty log that’s more than just a record of potty trips; it’s your child’s hero’s journey from diapers to potty-trained superstar! Fill the log with exciting details of their adventures, from the first brave steps to those proud moments of success. Let them be the star of their story, and you can even add some cute illustrations or stickers to bring it to life! It’s a keepsake of their incredible achievement that they’ll cherish for years to come and a reminder that they can overcome any challenge – even the potty-training one!

11. Colorful Toilet Water with Food Coloring:

Let’s make the potty experience a splash of colorful fun! Get your child excited about using the toilet by letting them play bathroom artist – yes, it’s time to choose the color of the toilet water! Add a few drops of food coloring in their favorite hue, and voilà! They’ll be thrilled to see the magical transformation each time they flush. It’s a simple yet exciting way to make the potty a place of wonder and delight!

12. Earn Potty Tickets:

Get ready to punch your way to potty success with some awesome potty punch cards! Each time your little one makes a victorious trip to the bathroom, they earn a ticket on their unique card. And guess what? Once the card is filled with those proud potty moments, they unlock the door to a surprise reward! It’s like a little journey toward a treasure, and they feel like true potty champions along the way!

13. The Poop N' Pull:

Time to add some fun and giggles to the potty process with the Poop N’ Pull reward system! Hang a string with a cute toy attached near the potty. Every time your little hero successfully uses the bathroom, they give the string a satisfying pull, and ta-da! A fun surprise awaits them! Each time they conquer the potty, it’s like a mini-party, and they’ll be eager to pull and play their way to more victories!

14. Consequences and Incentives Jar:

Let’s introduce a life lesson in a jar – the Consequences and Incentives Jar! Here’s how it works: every time your kiddo keeps their undies dry, they earn a token to put in the jar. But for any wet or soiled accidents, they take a token out. It’s a great way to teach them the consequences and the rewards of staying dry and using the potty like a big kid! Plus, the jar itself becomes a colorful reminder of their potty progress.

15. Potty Shopping Spree:

Time to hit the potty-themed aisles and embark on a thrilling Potty Shopping Spree! Take your little superstar to the store and let them choose some special items, like fun underwear, colorful toilet paper, or cute hand soap. Wrap these potty prizes with excitement and let them know they’ll get to unwrap them once they conquer their potty goals. It’s like a treasure hunt with the ultimate reward waiting at the finish line!

16. Sticker Chart Triumph:

The classic sticker chart never fails to make potty training a blast! Create a sticker wonderland right outside the bathroom, and have a blast rewarding your child with a sticker for each victorious potty trip. The more stickers they collect, the closer they are to earning their grand prize! It’s a colorful journey of achievements, and watching that sticker collection grow will make them beam with pride and joy!

17. Sweet Treats for Potty Feats:

What’s sweeter than a potty success? How about rewarding your little superstar with small treats like M&Ms or Hershey Kisses each time they use the potty like a pro! It’s a surefire way to motivate them and make the potty training adventure delightful. Who can resist a tiny chocolate treat as a sweet celebration of their triumphs?

18. Add a Personal Touch the Potty:

Let’s add a personal touch to the potty space and turn it into a bathroom wonderland! Give your child the freedom to decorate the potty with stickers, favorite colors, or imaginative drawings. It’ll make the bathroom feel more welcoming and inviting, like their magical potty kingdom! This little creative endeavor will make the potty a place they’ll want to conquer proudly.

19. Take a Friend Along to the Toilet:

Some little ones may feel more secure with a trusty friend. So, during the early stages of potty training, why not let their buddy join them on their potty adventures? It’s like having a friendly sidekick cheering them on, and it adds an extra layer of comfort and reassurance as they take those first brave steps toward potty independence.

20. Treasure Chest Surprise:

Prepare for a treasure hunt on the potty with the thrilling Treasure Chest Surprise! Just place a magical treasure chest on top of the toilet, and each time your little champ successfully uses the potty, they get to unlock the chest and pick a surprise prize! The element of surprise makes it even more exciting, and they’ll be eager to come back to the potty for more fun and surprises. It’s like turning each potty victory into a moment of magic and delight!

Toilet training victory! Fun and Effective Potty Training Award


How can I make potty time fun and exciting for my child?

You can make potty time fun by using visual representation with marbles, creating a lollipop tree for sweet rewards, and personalizing the potty with stickers or drawings.

Is it better to use tangible rewards or praise for potty training?

Both tangible rewards and praise work well for potty training. Some children respond better to physical rewards like toys or treats, while others thrive on verbal praise and encouragement.

When should I reward my child for using the potty?

Rewarding your child promptly after they use the potty is crucial to reinforce positive behavior. Waiting too long may cause them to lose the connection between the action and the reward.

How can I keep my child motivated throughout the potty training journey?

To keep your child motivated, use a sticker chart to track their progress, celebrate dry days with special evening activities, and involve them in picking out potty-related items during a shopping spree. Remember, a little creativity goes a long way in keeping them excited and engaged!

Final Thoughts:

Potty training can be a challenging journey, whether you’re potty training boys or potty training girls. Still, with the right rewards and positive reinforcement, you can make it a fun and rewarding experience. Use the ideas above to create a personalized reward system that suits your little one’s interests and motivates them to become potty-trained superstar.  Happy potty training, Mommy! Remember, you got this mommy, just breathe!

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