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Hey, mamas, let’s talk about something we’re all too familiar with mom burnout. It’s not just during the sleepless baby years; it can also hit us later.

Mom burnout leads to decision fatigue, emotional outbursts, and heightened irritability. 

Ever had an adult meltdown like a toddler’s tantrum? You’re not alone; 93% of moms feel this way, according to Motherly.

Being a mom means accepting that it’s okay not to be okay. The key is having a plan to deal with burnout when it strikes. Sometimes, you might not even recognize it, so learn the signs. 

As a mom of two boys, I have experienced mom burnout and did not even realize I was overwhelmed. I came up with one way to free myself from the stress and by saying away with this day, and that’s okay.

Prayer is also something that helps me center myself.  You’re a mom, and it’s time to release all the stress and breathe. Let’s explore five effective ways to cope with mom burnout.

What Exactly Is A Mom Burnout?

According to the experts at Choosing Therapy, mom burnout is the unrelenting stress and exhaustion that comes from being a caregiver 24/7. You know what? It hits hardest for us juggling full-time careers or going alone without a co-parent. The result? We sometimes experience a sense of inadequacy as a parent while simultaneously desiring to improve our mothering skills while feeling a disconnection from our young ones. Mom burnout isn't just a fleeting feeling; it's like a dark cloud hanging over you. It can show up as sadness, anger, or this overwhelming sense of "I can't even think straight anymore." Let’s not forget those moments when we lose our cool, just like our toddlers.

What Does A Mom Burnout Feel Like?

It’s not just about feeling stressed or exhausted. It’s about feeling like you’re running a never-ending marathon with no finish line. That’s why it’s important to live a balanced life as a mom.
A Mom Putting hands on head Facing Burnout

1. Embrace the Realistic: Dial Down Those Expectations

Oh, the pressure! Society, social media, and our inner voices all team up to create these unrealistic expectations for us. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, or a mompreneur like me, the expectations can feel suffocating.

But here’s the secret sauce: being a good mom doesn’t mean being perfect. It’s about figuring out what truly matters to you and your family. Skip the comparisons and focus on what makes you light up.  There is no perfect way to being a mom and your best is good enough. Healthy food and fresh air? Yass honey! And you know what? Your version of “realistic” might not match anyone else’s, and that’s perfectly fine.

It’s perfectly acceptable to not always be okay. Grant yourself the freedom to shed tears when necessary; there’s no shame in being honest and admitting, “I’m feeling overwhelmed, and I’m not okay.” Once you’ve acknowledged your emotional state, take a moment to establish motivating goals. If you’re pursuing a particular ambition or passion, now might be the ideal moment to pursue it.

Introduce positivity into your life, and you’ll notice a transformation in your feelings. I firmly believe that by focusing on the aspects you’re grateful for, even the smallest ones, you can gradually shift your perspective. You have the power to speak affirmations and declare positive blessings over your life. When we begin to shift our mindset we can change the trajectory of our life.

2. Boundaries, Baby: Define Your Space

Remember the days of bending over backward for everyone else? Well, it’s time to reclaim your space. Setting boundaries isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for your sanity.

I know your little one blasting their favorite show on YouTube while you’re trying to make dinner is not exactly your idea of peace, right? It’s okay to say, “Hey, sweetheart, can you take your tunes to your room? Mommy needs a bit of quiet time.” We all know the kids will roll with it, and sometimes they refuse and try to test your patience. 

Nevertheless, establishing boundaries in your relationships with your children, friends, work, and commitments is crucial. Sometimes, creating space for yourself can be as simple as stepping into the bathroom, closing the door, and taking a five-minute breather. Discovering your inner peace will significantly reduce feelings of burnout, which is vital—it’s your life, after all.

You can also enlist the help of your partner or a trusted individual. For instance, when the kids are seeking your attention, you can hand over the reins to your spouse and let them handle the kids while you take a well-deserved break. It’s essential to carve out some much-needed time for yourself, and you can communicate this to your children by letting them know that Mommy is having some “me time.”

3. Discover your inner peace: Calming the Mommy Nerves

Your nervous system – ever heard of the vagus nerve? It controls controls rest and your digestive system. Understanding it can be a game-changer. Trust me, having inner peace is one of the things that has helped me whenever I experience mom burnout.

Three essential words to ponder: sleep, breathwork, and prayer. Obtaining rest can pose a formidable challenge, particularly when you’re responsible for young ones. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to assess your sleep patterns. Are late-night coffees or screen time robbing you of the precious sleep you require?

Furthermore, don’t overlook the remarkable effectiveness of breath work. Practices like box breathing—inhale, hold, exhale, and repeat—serve as a reset for your frayed nerves. When you engage in prayer, it not only helps reset yourself but also serves as a comforting reminder that God is still in control. In the midst of a storm the sun will shine.

4. Fun Fuel: Recharging Your Mom Batteries

Let’s talk about self-care– it’s not selfish; it’s self-preservation. If you’re like me, you’re irritable when you haven’t had a moment to yourself. Remember, self-care doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Whether it’s a quiet cup of tea, a quick stroll, or dancing around the living room, do what makes your heart sing. Guilt-free, mama! You deserve it.

5. Unplug to Reconnect: Mom-Minute, Just for You

Screens, screens, screens – they’re everywhere. But here’s the thing: they can’t replace true relaxation. When burnout hits, shut off the TV, stow away the phone, and step outside. Fresh air and nature have this incredible knack for soothing the soul.

And hey, try a guided meditation, prayer, or jot down your thoughts in a journal. Are you feeling restless? A quick walk or dance session can work wonders.

I believe seeking counsel or therapy to talk through your thought with a professional will also be very helpful for your mental health. You will be surprised how much therapy will help to balance you and make you more aware of how you are feeling. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – a mom’s guide to conquering burnout straight from the heart. And guess what? I’m here with you, navigating this journey as a mom of two. The mom burnout struggle is real, but you can rise above it armed with these down-to-earth strategies. Remember:


Scale back on the unrealistic – embrace what truly matters.

Set boundaries like a boss – it’s your space, after all.

Tame those nerves – sleep, breath work, and prayer are your allies.

Recharge with fun – because you deserve joy, guilt-free.

Unplug to connect – nature and moments just for you are magic.

You’re not alone in this, mama. Let’s beat that burnout together.


You Got This, Mommy! Just Breathe.

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Is mom burnout just stress, or is it something deeper?

A: It's deeper than a pile of laundry! Mom burnout is like wearing a heavy backpack of stress and exhaustion. It’s that moment when you can’t even adult properly and wonder if sanity’s taking a vacation. Guess what? It’s common and not just about stress – it's about the rollercoaster of emotions that come with being a superhero mom.

How can I prevent or fight off mom burnout?

You got this, mommy! Prevention and fighting burnout go hand in hand. First, lower those crazy expectations society throws at you. Embrace what's real for YOUR family. Set boundaries like a boss – your space, your rules! Remember that nerves need TLC, too. Sleep and breathwork are like secret weapons. And girl, indulge in some "you time" – it’s not selfish; it’s survival!

Can you share a simple tip to help me cope with mom burnout instantly?

Absolutely! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, unplug from screens and step outside. Nature has this magical way of hushing the chaos in your mind. Take a stroll, dance happily, or breathe in that fresh air. It’s a mini-mom-break that works wonders, promise!

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