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Hey there, superhero moms!  Have you ever wanted to know about the first poop after birth, but it was too taboo to ask?  Well this is a judgment free zone and you have come to the right place.

We know that this journey is a rollercoaster of emotions, from the overwhelming joy of holding your little one to the hilarious mishaps that come with being a mom. Amidst all the diaper changes and midnight feedings, there’s one experience of becoming a first-time mom that might have you feeling a mix of curiosity, anxiety, and maybe even a touch of dread – the first postpartum poop. The first time you need to poop after giving birth might not happen until around the third or fourth day after delivery

When I had my little ones this was something I dreaded because after all of that pushing for the baby to come out you almost feel to afraid to push thinking you may pop a stitch or something down there.  After it happened I was like okay I believe things are starting to get back to normal down there. Just remember, it’s all part of the post-birth journey!


You’re not alone in this journey. I’m here to share some advice to help you breeze through this part that continues to be a taboo topic. So grab a cup of your favorite soothing tea, and let’s have a candid chat about the first poop after birth.



Will my first poop after giving birth be painful?

It's totally normal to be concerned about this! While it can be uncomfortable, there are ways to make it easier. Stay hydrated, try stool softeners, and practice gentle breathing techniques to help alleviate any discomfort.

How can I prevent constipation after childbirth?

Staying hydrated and eating high-fiber foods can work wonders. You can also use stool softeners or magnesium supplements, especially if you've had surgery or pain medication. Remember, a little dietary adjustment can go a long way!

I totally get it, sis. The idea of anything passing through your healing pelvic floor can feel scary, especially if you’ve had tearing, stitches, or surgery. But fear not, because we’re here with some heartfelt tips to help you sail through the first poop after birth like the superhero mom you are. 

Its Normal after labor | Easy ways to prepare for the first poop after birth

1. Embrace the Normalcy of It All

First things first, remember being a bit fearful of the first poop after giving birth is a natural, normal part of life. It might seem intimidating now, but welcoming the process with a positive mindset can do wonders. Your mind-body connection is strong, and being open and positive can ease the physical tension. Sometimes, just knowing that others have been through it too can make all the difference. After the baby no ones tells you about how scary the first poop can seem. Your body automatically goes into a mode where it’s a bit hesitant and sometimes it can be hard in general because of the after affects of the delivery.

2. Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Nourishing yourself is crucial during this time. Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a balanced diet can work wonders. Hydration keeps your tissues happy, your intestinal health in check, and your stool moving smoothly. If you’ve had surgery or pain meds, these can slow down your digestive system. Stool softeners or magnesium supplements might lend a helping hand. Don’t hesitate to ask about them in the hospital or start them at home. I feel like the stool softeners really help because it wont force you to have to push as much. This is something I wish someone one would have told be about because it’s very helpful to know.

3. Find Your Perfect Pooping Posture

Good posture isn’t just for standing – it matters on the toilet too! Elevate your feet a bit with a step stool to align your rectum comfortably. It’s like a little boost for your bowel movements. Also, remember to exhale while you bear down instead of holding your breath. Think of it like blowing out birthday candles – it’s a gentle push, not a strain.

Some women may even experience postpartum constipation or even hemorrhoids which can possible be the after affect of giving birth which could possibly make it a bit difficult to poop after giving birth.

4. Special Tip for C-Section Moms

If you’ve had a C-section, consider placing a pillow over your abdomen while you poop. This not only supports your healing incision but also gives a helping hand to the abdominal muscles that regulate pressure during bathroom time.

5. Breathe Your Way to Comfort

Diaphragmatic breathing is your postpartum pal. It’s not only great for reconnecting with your core and reducing stress, but it also boosts blood flow to your muscles and promotes healing. Stress can interfere with your body’s “rest and digest” signals, including the urge to poop. So, by staying relaxed and practicing diaphragmatic breathing, you’re helping your body find its rhythm again.

6. Wipe Gently

Your body has been through a lot, so be extra gentle. After going to the bathroom, consider using a postpartum peri bottle to cleanse yourself – it’s much kinder to your tender areas. If wiping is necessary, try using moist hemorrhoidal pads instead of regular toilet paper. These cooling pads not only have healing properties but can also offer a soothing touch, giving you some comfort in the process. Your comfort matters as you recover!

After Birth | Prepare for first poop after birth


Q: What's the best position for pooping after birth?

Answer: Think comfort! Using a stool under your feet to get into a squatted position can help align your body for smoother bowel movements. And remember, when you bear down to poop, exhale like you're blowing out birthday candles to make things easier.

Q: How soon can I start practicing diaphragmatic breathing after birth?

Answer: You can start right away! Diaphragmatic breathing is a game-changer. It not only helps with pooping but also reconnects you to your core muscles and reduces stress. Try it while lying down, sitting, or even on the toilet—it's like giving your body a calming hug!

Q : Can I really do diaphragmatic breathing while taking care of my newborn?

Answer: Absolutely! Incorporate it into your daily routine. Take a few moments to breathe deeply while your little one naps or plays. It's a fantastic way to ease stress, help your body heal, and maybe even find a little peace amidst the new mom hustle.

Final Thoughts

Remember, mamas, you’re stronger than you know. Each challenge you face is a step towards becoming an even more incredible version of yourself. So take a deep breath, embrace these tips, and approach that first postpartum poop with the courage of a warrior. And don’t overthink it a lot, instead take deep breaths and follow these tips for a smooth and comfortable first poop after birth. Remember to take it easy and always take care of yourselves no matter what. You got this mommy!

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