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Hey there, moms-to-be and party planners! As a mom of two boys, I know just how important it is to throw a baby shower that’s not just memorable, but entertaining as well. 

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been anxiously awaiting your little one’s arrival. And what better way to celebrate this exciting moment than with a baby shower? As a mom-to-be, you don’t have to fuss about drinks, treats, invites, or keeping the crowd entertained, but it’s a chance to gather your loved ones, share laughter, and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 


Babyshowers are definitely the time that brings families together. Games and activities are like the glue that holds it all together. 

That’s why, after DIY Baby Shower Gifts, I’m here to share some amazing Baby Shower Games in 2023 that will make your party a hit! So let’s begin.

What are some fun coed baby shower games for couples?

Hey there! If you're looking to get everyone mingling and laughing, check out our top-notch coed baby shower games. They're perfect for creating a lively atmosphere that both men and women will enjoy.

How do I make my virtual baby shower engaging with games?

Virtual hugs, mama! We've got you covered with awesome virtual baby shower game ideas. Keep the celebration alive online by choosing games that keep your guests laughing and connecting, no matter the distance.

Outdoor Baby Shower Games: Embrace the Fresh Air Fun

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space for your baby shower, it’s time to enjoy the fun outdoors! These games are the perfect way to bask in the sunshine and enjoy some exhilarating moments.


1. Baby Stroller Olympics: Speed, Precision, and Baby Strollers

Let’s get sporty with the Baby Stroller Olympics! This game is all about speed, precision, and a touch of baby stroller finesse. Guests grab their strollers and embark on a race of obstacles and challenges. It’s hilarious to see as they navigate the course, showcasing their stroller-handling skills. The cheers, the laughter, and the camaraderie create an atmosphere that’s brimming with excitement. Who will cross that finish line first? Let the games begin!

2. Don't Drop The Baby Race: A Twist on a Classic Challenge

Remember the good ol’ days of balancing an egg on a spoon? We’re giving that childhood favorite a baby-themed twist in the Don’t Drop The Baby Race! Guests hold a makeshift baby (an egg) on a spoon and maneuver through a course of obstacles with utmost care. The stakes are high, the giggles are even higher, and the suspense is palpable. Will they make it to the finish line with their “baby” intact? The challenge is on, and the laughter is nonstop!

3. Baby Shower Diaper Game Toilet Paper: Unleash Your Creativity

Who knew that toilet paper could be so versatile? In the Baby Shower Diaper Game Toilet Paper, teams get their creative juices flowing as they compete to create the most stylish and innovative “diaper” out of—you guessed it—rolls of TP! With a limited time and loads of laughs, guests twist, fold, and craft their way to diaper glory. The result? A collection of toilet paper masterpieces that’ll have everyone in stitches. It’s a game that proves just how resourceful and imaginative your guests can be.

4. Hang the Diaper: A Test of Dexterity and Speed

Prepare for a challenge that will test your guests’ dexterity. Introducing Hang the Diaper—a game about speed, coordination, and a lot of laughter. Each participant aims to hang as many diapers as possible on a clothesline in record time. Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a catch! The clock is ticking, the pressure is on, and the room echoes with cheers and giggles as your guests race against the clock to secure their place in the diaper-hanging hall of fame. Let the games and the diapers fly!

Fun games| Babyshower Trivia (Baby Shower Games 2022)

Group Baby Shower Games: Bonding Through Laughter

For those larger gatherings about bonding and mingling, these group baby shower games are the way to go! Prepare for laughter, teamwork, and unforgettable memories.


5. Baby Shower Purse Game: What's Inside Your Bag?

Ever wondered what essentials your fellow mom friends carry in their purses? The Baby Shower Purse Game is here to spill the beans! Gather your guests and prepare for a hilarious exploration of women’s handbags. The challenge? To reveal items from their purses that fit certain quirky categories. Each item brings out laughter and stories, creating connections and shared experiences that’ll be cherished long after the game ends, from nail files to spare pacifiers.

6. Baby Shower Word Search Game: Puzzles and Delight

Let’s embrace the classics with the Baby Shower Word Search Game. Keep your guests entertained with a delightful word search packed with baby-related words. It’s a brain-teasing activity that’s as engaging as it is entertaining. As your guests eagerly circle each word they find, you’ll feel the excitement build and the room fill with unity. It’s a wonderful way to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the baby shower.

7. Baby ABC Game Baby Shower: Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith

Calling all wordsmiths and creative thinkers! The Baby ABC Game Baby Shower is your chance to shine. Challenge your guests to develop baby-related words that start with each alphabet letter. The possibilities are endless, from adorable “A” to zesty “Z,” and the laughter is guaranteed. This game not only tickles the imagination but also adds a personalized touch to the celebration, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

8. Baby Shower Diaper Game Toilet Paper: Unleash Your Creativity

Who knew that toilet paper could be so versatile? In the Baby Shower Diaper Game Toilet Paper, teams get their creative juices flowing as they compete to create the most stylish and innovative “diaper” out of—you guessed it—rolls of TP! With a limited time and loads of laughs, guests twist, fold, and craft their way to diaper glory. The result? A collection of toilet paper masterpieces that’ll have everyone in stitches. It’s a game that proves just how resourceful and imaginative your guests can be.

Bonding through Laughter |Babyshower Trivia (Baby Shower Games 2022)

Virtual Baby Shower Games: Fun in the Virtual Realm

According to a 2022 survey, around 25-30% of people went hybrid (a mix of in-person and virtual) or fully virtual for their baby celebrations. Virtual baby showers are a thing, making it possible for everyone to join the party, no matter where they are. So, whether it’s hugs in person or virtual cheers, baby shower fun is for all!

In the digital age, virtual baby showers are the way to go, and there are some games designed to ensure that online fun is just as memorable and engaging.


9. True or False: Separating Baby Facts from Fiction

Get ready to put your guests’ baby-related knowledge to the test with the True or False virtual game! It’s a journey through baby facts and fiction as you challenge your friends to determine which statements are true and which are pure myths. With each revelation, you’ll be met with laughter, surprise, and a newfound wealth of baby wisdom. Get those virtual buzzers ready—it’s time to separate fact from fiction!

10. Don't Say the Word Baby: A Virtual Challenge

Who’s up for a virtual challenge to keep your guests on their toes? Introducing the Don’t Say the Word Baby game! In this digital twist on a classic, everyone aims to engage in conversation without mentioning the baby’s name. It’s a delightful exercise in creativity, wordplay, and friendly competition. As the virtual room buzzes with conversation, you’ll be amazed at how creative your friends can get to avoid that oh-so-tempting word. Ready to take on the challenge? Let the virtual games begin!

11. Guess That Baby Tune: A Musical Extravaganza

Turn your virtual baby shower into a musical extravaganza with Guess That Baby Tune. This game is all about putting your guests’ musical knowledge to the test. Prepare a playlist of popular kids’ songs and challenge your friends to recognize each tune. With each melodic snippet, the excitement grows, and the laughter fills the virtual space. It’s a game that’s entertaining and adds a melodic touch to your virtual.

12. Elevate the Fun: Let the Baby Shower Games Begin!

Hey there, fabulous moms and party planners! Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of baby shower games? As a mom who has been through the joyous pregnancy journey twice, I know how important it is to keep the entertainment high and the spirits even higher. So, grab your comfiest seat, and let’s explore an array of baby shower games that will have your guests talking about your bash long after the confetti has settled!

13. Left Right Baby Shower Game: Pass the Laughs Along

Your guests form a circle for this game, each holding a wrapped prize. Now, add a twist that will keep them giggling. The Left Right Baby Shower Game puts a fresh spin on the classic “pass the parcel.” As the story unfolds, the gift passes from left to right and back again. The anticipation builds with each twist and turn, and guess who claims the prize at the end? The lucky guest left holding it, of course! Prepare for a whirlwind of laughter, suspense, and a cherished memory.

14. Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game: Stirring Up Parental Playfulness

Adding a sprinkle of friendly rivalry to your baby shower is a surefire way to make it unforgettable. For this game, guests pose quirky Mom vs. Dad questions, and the parents-to-be reveal their responses. It’s a lighthearted competition that unveils how well they know each other’s quirks and preferences. Prepare for playful banter, laughter, and maybe even some good-natured debate!

15. Baby Shower Bottle Game: Cheers to Laughs and Chugs!

Raise your glasses (or bottles) to the Baby Shower Bottle Game! Whether you’re throwing a daring couple’s party or a bash for all ages, this game delivers heaps of fun. Guests go head-to-head in a bottle-chugging showdown. Beer, water, juice – you name it, they’ll gulp it down. And who claims victory by finishing their drink first? The ultimate chug champ, of course! This game breaks the ice, fills the room with hearty cheers, and adds an extra layer of entertainment.

16. Baby in Other Languages Shower Game: A Global Twist

Prepare for a linguistic adventure with the Baby in Other Languages Shower Game. Bonjour! Hola! Konnichiwa! Can your guests match the word “baby” to its counterpart in different languages? It’s a fun challenge and a fantastic way to explore various cultures and celebrate the approaching arrival in a truly global manner.

17. Would She Rather Baby Shower Game: Into Mom's Mind

It’s time to spotlight the guest of honor with the Would She Rather Baby Shower Game. Prepare for a delightful quiz that tests how well your guests know the mom-to-be’s preferences. Coffee or tea? Books or movies? With each question, guests place their bets. When the answers are unveiled, it’s a chorus of laughter and perhaps a few surprises!

18. Baby Shower Piggy Bank Game: A Memory Challenge with a Twist

Ah, the notorious “baby brain.” But what if we could turn it into a fun and interactive game? Introducing the Baby Shower Piggy Bank Game! Instead of using real names, guests are assigned quirky baby-related words. The twist? If someone slips up and uses a real name, they drop coins into a piggy bank reserved for the baby’s future. Get ready for hilarity, friendly teasing, and a whole lot of laughter!

19. Baby Shower Alphabet Game: Unleash Your Creativity

Calling all creative souls! The Baby Shower Alphabet Game is your canvas for self-expression. Each guest gets an alphabet and a mission: decorate the page with items that start with that letter. From aspirators to apples, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. The outcome? A personalized alphabet book for the baby that’s as unique as your guests’ creative talents!

20. Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game: Surprises in Every "Dirty" Diaper

Hold your noses because the Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game is here to bring laughter and a dash of yuckiness. But fear not, it’s all in good fun! Smear those diapers with melted chocolates, jams, and candies. Guests take turns guessing what’s hidden inside these “dirty” diapers. And guess what? The surprises are edible and delicious treats! Brace yourselves for a game that’ll have everyone in stitches.

21. Baby Shower Calendar Game: Countdown to Excitement

Get your guests into the baby countdown action with the Baby Shower Calendar Game. It’s simple: ask them to guess the exact due date and mark it on the calendar. With a prize waiting for the winning guess, it’s a game that adds an extra layer of thrill to the excitement of the impending arrival.

22. Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game: Nostalgia and Giggles

Step into a world of childhood memories with the Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Game. Test your guests’ knowledge of classic nursery rhymes and watch as they recall the timeless verses of their early years. It’s a game that’s fun and heartwarming, creating a delightful atmosphere everyone will cherish.

23. Try Out a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re aiming for a fresh and modern twist on baby shower games, this one’s a winner. It’s a fantastic choice for larger groups and a real blast when you’ve got couples mingling. Here’s the scoop, Mama: before the big day, jot down a list of things for your guests to hunt for. Think of childhood pics of the parents-to-be, their adorable couple moments, or even items that match your shower’s theme. When it’s time to wrap up the event, gather everyone around and have them show off their finds. The one who scores the most discoveries takes the crown! Let the adventure begin!

Babyshower Trivia (Baby Shower Games 2022)

What's the Perfect Number of Games for a Baby Shower?

With all these amazing game options, you might be wondering how many to include. Well, fret not! A good rule of thumb is to have around two to three games for a typical baby shower lasting two to three hours. This strikes the perfect balance between games, socializing, and refreshments.


What are some outdoor baby shower games for a breath of fresh air?

Ready to soak up the sun? Dive into our outdoor baby shower game suggestions for fun under the open sky. These games are the perfect recipe for a lively outdoor celebration.

How can I make baby shower gift openings more exciting?

A: Gift-giving time, yay! Discover our tips for turning baby shower gift openings into a thrilling experience. We have game ideas to keep the excitement flowing and make every unwrapping joyful.

What are some unique virtual baby shower game ideas?

A: Virtual high-fives, Mama! Spice up your online baby shower with our unique virtual game suggestions. From musical challenges to interactive quizzes, these ideas will keep the virtual party spirit alive and kicking!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, moms-to-be and party planners! A comprehensive guide to the best Baby Shower Games in 2023. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor bash, a virtual get-together, or a cozy indoor celebration, these games will keep your guests entertained, laughing, and bonding over the excitement of your impending bundle of joy. Remember, you don’t need to stress, just relax! And go ahead, plan your baby shower with these fantastic games, and create memories that will warm your heart for years to come. You got this, Mommy!

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