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First, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Essence Keys, and I’m the proud mommy of two blessings, Stephen, 6, and Jeremiah, 3. I’m also a wife, singer, business owner, and woman of faith. 

I am someone that loves to be creative and use every gift given to me from the one above. Many people know me for either performing on stage or running a business a long side my husband Stephen. 

There are many accomplishments I have had in my life such as Graduating with my bachelor’s degree, being a YouTube sensation, performing on Showtime at the Apollo with my group at the time, getting married, and being one of the Top 50 Leader’s in Illinois for 2023. It’s funny even with all those accomplishments, my number one proud moment is becoming a mom.

When I became a mom it pushed me beyond my limits and I learned how to go beyond my comfort zone. I found that I did not have to choose one title or the other. I can literally have it all. I will admit this mom journey has not been easy, however it stretched me as a woman and a human being.

I feel like I’m unstoppable. However it was not always this way. I want to share the things I know and still have yet to learn on this mommy Journey.

 What I do through this mommy movement is motivate and inspire moms like you, teaching you how to lift the limitations off of your life and pivot with a purpose.

When you become a mom, not only are there some hiccups along the way, but you also can be so consumed that you start to lose yourself. I want moms to know that they are not alone in how they feel,  however, there is a way to overcome those feelings and slay it sis!

Throughout my Momma journey, life has thrown many obstacles my way. I’m talking about things like gestational diabetes during both pregnancies, losing over 5 liters of blood during my second labor resulting in a near-death experience, one of my sons needed a G Tube for most of the first year of his life, and the list goes on and on.

I had one recurring feeling throughout all of these challenges – loneliness.

I felt alone because of the challenges of my pregnancy.  I also felt like I was so consumed as a mom that I was losing a bit of myself. While my husband was incredibly supportive, I felt no one could relate to my high-risk 

pregnancies. I also had an overwhelming feeling of being an outcast because my son used a gtube.

I was working so hard to be this ‘perfect’ mommy to my babies, doing everything I could to follow the rules, be part of the status quo and soar as the mother I was born to be.

I felt like a failure. 

However, I was my own harshest critic throughout all that time, beating myself up over everything that could (and would) go wrong.

I felt so alone. I thought I was the only Momma going through all of this.


I started to hear other women’s stories of struggles and loneliness.


Every challenge I faced, every setback, upset, or whirlwind I went through, I realized that so many strong Mommas were riding the mad waves of motherhood, with me – I just had to find them.

Mommas like you are the reason I started this blog. Your stories and journeys bring me so much encouragement to keep going. You give me the strength to follow my faith and keep slaying as a strong, proud mommy for my handsome boys.

Through my blog, I aim to unite, inspire and encourage all Mommas to live life as it feels right, learn from each other and create a community of courageous women who aren’t afraid to follow some nontraditional tips and tricks to get the job done.

This blog is dedicated to all of us, especially the women who have helped me keep my faith and journey on track – my mom Yolanda Powledge,  grandma Beverly, late grandmother, Ann, and  my late great-grandmothers, Bertha and Averett.  These women have been an example for me of how to do it. My father also played a huge role in my life and by growing in a two family household gave me the foundation to handle the things in life.

Believe me; I know the road isn’t always smooth. If it wasn’t for my faith that drove me, I don’t know where I’d be today. There have been bends and twists I never thought I would face.

But, we were born to overcome these challenges. We have the strength to get through just about anything the world sends our way and we can create the world that works for us far away from the limits of the status quo, using our passion and creativity.

So, if you take one thing from this blog, let it be this:

Each morning and evening, before the sun rises or sets, take a moment to tell yourself to…


You Got This, Mommy.

Just breathe.”

You Got This Mommy, Just Breathe

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