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Have you ever wanted to give a DIY baby shower

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gift, but did not know where to start? As a mom

 myself, I understand the joy and excitement of

 welcoming a new little member into the family.

 Games remain a favorite at baby showers,

 including combined ones, with surveys

 placing them in the top 50% for both in-person

 and virtual events. 


The journey of parenthood is filled with love, care,

 and of course, lots of gifts!  When I had my first

 son Stephen Jr. we had a huge baby shower and

 we were blessed enough to have all of our family

 and friends there.  

 When it comes to creative gift that is not my

 department my sister Ebony  on the other hand is

 the Queen of creating DIY baby Shower gifts, she

 literally cake out of diapers!  While store-bought

 presents are nice, there’s something extra

 special about handmade gifts  made with love

 and affection. 


So, I’ve gathered the 40 best DIY baby shower gift

 ideas for you, ensuring that each gift will not only

 bring comfort to your little one but also touch the

 hearts of the new parents. Plus, you don’t need to

 worry about spending a fortune because most of

 the materials can be found right in your home. 


Are these baby shower gifts safe for newborns and infants?

Absolutely safe! We've crafted these gifts with love and baby-friendly materials. They're cuddly, soft, and free from any harmful stuff, so your precious bundle of joy will be in good hands!

Can I personalize these DIY gifts for the baby and mom-to-be?

You bet, momma! Personalizing these gifts is the cherry on top. Get creative with colors, names, and little details that make the gifts extra special for the new baby and the glowing mom-to-be. So let's dive in and discover the creativity and love that goes into making these precious gifts!
This is me pregnant with my first son stephen for my gender reveal. DIY Gifts

1. Cute Baby Cupcake Onesie Basket

Craft an adorable gift basket using rolled-up baby onesies that look like cupcakes, and add some cute

 socks for the perfect finishing touch. It’s not just a thoughtful and practical gift; it’ll make everyone at the

 baby shower swoon over your creativity.

2. Stylish Faux Leather Sandals for Baby Girl

Create a pair of faux leather sandals for a one-year-old baby girl, and watch her take her first tiny steps in 

style. This DIY project isn’t just about fashion; it’s a beautiful memory in the making.

3. Personalized DIY Baby Shower Favors

Add a personal touch to the baby shower by making stylish favor boxes for all the guests. 

Get creative with mason jars, ribbons, and cookies to turn them into delightful keepsakes cherished

 forever. Because, let’s be honest, moms-to-be and new mommies need all the help they can get!

4. Elegant Baptism Favor Candles

Celebrate the baby’s baptism with charming favor candles that are perfect for gifting and add elegance to

the event’s decor. Remember to order the candles and tags in advance to ensure they arrive on time.

5. Rae Dunn Inspired Coasters for Lucky Winner

Unleash your artistic side and create unique Rae Dunn-inspired coasters for the lucky winner at the baby

shower. These personalized DIY baby Shower gifts will make the event even more special.

6. Show-Stopping Diaper Cake for Mom

Make a handmade diaper cake that’ll leave the new mom thrilled. Stack up layers of diapers, add ribbons

and scrapbook paper, and voila! You have a stylish and practical present ready to go. When I saw my sister

create this, I was amazed!

7. Quilted Diaper Changing Mat with Love

Show your love and care by crafting a quilted diaper changing mat for the little one. It’ll make diaper-

changing moments more comfortable and memorable. This is a great DIY baby shower gift because it’s

something that will last forever and can be passed down generationally.

8. Handmade Twins Baby Bibs

Bibs are essential for babies, and handmade ones stitched with love are even better! Choose colorful

fabrics and patterns to make adorable baby bibs for twins.

9. Soft and Cuddly Homemade Baby Blocks

Create soft and cuddly baby blocks using scrap fabric and vinyl iron-on numbers for a touch of fun

learning. Watch your little one enjoy hours of playtime with these cute and safe toys.

10. Exciting Gender Neutral Baby Shower Surprise

Give the gift of excitement and anticipation with this gender-neutral baby shower gift. Decorate a clear

can with ribbons and fill it with delightful surprises for both baby boys and girls.

11. Heartfelt Wood Succulent Planter for Host

Show your gratitude to the baby shower host with a unique wood succulent planter. It’ll brighten up their

home and remind them of the beautiful celebration you all shared.

And might even help the mommy-to-be feel relaxed. 

12. Lovely Baby Shower Thank You Gifts

Spread the love with super cute and stylish favor boxes filled with cookies and sweets. These delightful

tokens of appreciation will warm the hearts of your baby shower guests and leave them with cherished


13. Handcrafted Wooden Baby Gyme

Craft a wooden baby gym that’ll entertain your little bundle of joy and serve as a cherished keepsake.

14. Personalized Baby Boy Bunting

Add a personal touch to the baby’s nursery with a handmade and customized bunting. Create a beautiful

decoration that’ll make the baby’s room even more special.

15. Adorable Baby Boy Dedication Sailor Romper

Sew an adorable sailor romper for the baby boy to wear on special occasions like his dedication ceremony.

Ensure he looks adorable and feels cozy all day long.

16. Stylish Shift Dress for Baby Girl

Make your little princess shine with a stylish shift dress that you sew with love. Choose the perfect fabric

and create a beautiful combination of colors for her to feel like the star of the show.

17. Pom Pom Burp Cloth Gift for Baby Shower

Prepare a thoughtful and practical gift for the baby shower by sewing adorable

burp cloths with colorful pom pom lace. These soft and stylish burp cloths will

make feeding time a cozy and enjoyable experience.

18. Handmade DIY Baby Shower Gift Cards

Let your creativity flow and make charming DIY gift cards for the baby shower.

Personalize them with heartfelt messages and add confetti for a touch of

celebration. These thoughtful cards will express your love in the most delightful


19. Adorable Dinky Dinosaur Tag Toy

Create an adorable tag toy for the newborn using soft fabric, ribbons, and a free

dinosaur template. This cute and cuddly toy will be your baby’s new best friend,

providing endless hours of play and comfort.

20. Cozy Four Square Baby Quilt

Sew a lovely four-square baby quilt with a free pattern that’s perfect for

snuggling. Choose your favorite fabric and colors to create a cherished blanket

that the baby can use for years to come.

21. Soothing Bunny Ears Baby Teething Rattle

Craft a teething rattle with bunny ears to soothe your baby’s tender gums. Use

soft and safe materials to ensure that this adorable little companion brings

comfort and joy to your little one during those teething days.

22. Sweet Onesie Cupcake for Baby Shower

Add a touch of sweetness to the baby shower by creating cute onesie cupcakes.

Wrap onesies and socks to resemble cupcakes, and watch them become the

highlight of the party.

23. Double-Sided Blanket Gift for Babies

Sew a cozy double-sided baby blanket with love and care. Create a snuggly

haven that’ll keep the little one warm and comfortable during naptime

and playtime.

24. DIY Baby Romper with Love

Sew an adorable baby romper with or without sleeves to suit your little one’s

style. Use comfortable fabric and add your personal touch to create a charming

outfit that’ll steal hearts at the baby shower.

25. DIY Round Quilted Playmat

Make playtime extra special with a round quilted play mat. Sew it with love and

choose vibrant fabrics that’ll inspire your baby’s imagination during play.

26. Cute Baby Bow from Bias Tape

Adorn your little one with cute and stylish hair bows made from bias tape.

These no-sew bows are not just adorable accessories; they’re a reflection of

your love and creativity, making your baby’s outfit even more delightful.

27. Stylish Baby Headband - Homemade Gift

Create lovely and stretchy baby headbands that are not just fashionable but

also comfortable for your little angel. With a variety of colors and patterns, your

baby girl will be the most stylish one in the room.

28. Unique Cactus Diaper Cake

Surprise everyone at the baby shower with a unique and eye-catching cactus

diaper cake. This creative gift will not only impress the new parents but also

show them how much you care.

29. Playful Ninja Turtle Hooded Towel

Make bath time fun and exciting with a hooded towel in the shape of a ninja

turtle. Your little one will feel like a hero every time they wrap themselves in this

playful and cozy towel.

30. Cozy Decorative Nursery Pillow

Add a personal touch to the nursery with a decorative pillow made with love.

This cozy and stylish accessory will make the baby’s room feel even more

inviting and comforting.

31. Adorable Stretchy Baby Hats with Top Knots

Keep your baby’s head warm and stylish with stretchy hats adorned with cute top

knots. These easy-to-make hats will not only protect your baby but also bring smiles to

everyone’s faces.

32. Educational DIY Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Encourage learning and play with personalized wooden alphabet blocks. Craft these

educational toys with love and creativity, and watch your little one discover the joy of


33. Handmade Puppy Binkie Sewing Pattern

Craft an adorable puppy-themed binkie for your baby using soft fabric and love.

This handmade comforter will become your baby’s loyal companion, providing warmth

and security during naptime and bedtime.

34. DIY Lovey Tag Blanket for Comfort

Sew a cozy and comforting tag blanket for your baby, complete with colorful ribbons

for added sensory fun. This special lovey will become your baby’s constant companion,

offering comfort and joy wherever they go.

35. Mesmerizing Lucky Star Ombre Mobile

Fill your baby’s nursery with the magic of lucky stars by creating a beautiful ombre

mobile. This mesmerizing decoration will captivate your baby’s attention and fill their

dreams with wonder.

36. Practical Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom

Show appreciation to the mom-to-be with a stylish and practical silicone teething

necklace. Not only will it soothe her baby’s teething discomfort, but it will also add a

touch of fashion to her outfit.

37. Convenient Travel Diaper Changing Pad

Ensure comfort and convenience during diaper changes with a travel diaper changing

pad. This thoughtful gift will make outings with the little one a breeze, giving the

parents more time to cherish precious moments.

38. Snug Newborn Gown with Love

Sew a sweet and snug newborn gown to keep your little bundle of joy cozy and

comfortable. Personalize it with soft and stretchy fabric, making it a cherished

addition to your baby’s wardrobe.

39. Stylish DIY Baby Bloomers

Sew adorable baby bloomers with a free pattern, adding a touch of cuteness to your

baby’s outfits. With soft fabric and a bit of creativity, your baby will look like a little


40. Adorable Diaper Babies for Baby Shower

End the baby shower on a delightful note by gifting these adorable diaper babies.

These little bundles of joy will not only make the new parents smile but also serve as a

reminder of the love and happiness shared at the celebration. This will be great for a

DIY baby shower gift.


Can I make these DIY baby shower gifts if I'm not a crafty person?

Absolutely, mama! These DIY baby shower gifts are super easy and beginner-friendly. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and you'll create adorable gifts that'll impress everyone at the baby shower.

How much time will it take to make these DIY gifts?

Don't worry, momma! These DIY baby shower gifts won't take forever. Most of them can be done in a couple of hours or less. You can fit crafting time into your busy schedule and still have time for your little one's snuggles.

What if I don't have all the materials listed for the DIY gifts?

No worries, mommy! We know how life can be unpredictable. Get resourceful and use what you have on hand. As long as you pour your love into these gifts, they'll turn out fabulous, no matter the materials! Happy crafting!

Final Thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed exploring these heartwarming DIY baby shower gifts that will bring

joy and love to your little one’s life. As a mom, I know the happiness that comes from

receiving creative gifts for your baby or trying your hand at creating it for a friend’s

 little bundle of joy.  I’m usually the one to go to the store and pick out what was on the

 wish list, but this list is super motivating and a lot more meaningful.  So, roll up your

 sleeves, gather your materials, and let your creativity flow as you craft these precious

 gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Remember, it’s the love and thought that goes into these DIY baby shower gifts that

 make them truly priceless. Happy crafting, and may your journey of parenthood be

 filled with countless moments of love and joy!


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