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Hey there, Mama-to-be! Did you know that a recent survey by Aptaclub found that 64% of expecting parents have a baby shower, and 72% of people have more than one baby shower to invite different groups of friends and family? 

If you’re reading this, it means you’re gearing up for one of the most heartwarming baby shower celebrations. However, leave the games out of the mix. And guess what? You’re in for a treat because we’re about to dive into a world of baby shower activities where you don’t have to include games.

For my firstborn son’s baby shower, we did have games at the baby shower. However, I have had friends who had baby showers with no games. Before you start envisioning diaper-changing competitions (spoiler alert: that’s not on the list), I want you to know that endless creative and entertaining options are available.

Here’s to a joyful and unforgettable celebration! Let’s dive into 14 Easy Baby Shower Activities that are not games.

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  1. Baby Puzzle Keepsake: A Collaborative Effort   

Create a personalized keepsake by turning a baby picture into a jigsaw puzzle. Ask guests to work together to assemble the puzzle. It’s an excellent bonding activity that results in a cherished memento for the mom-to-be. Playing jigsaw puzzles is a perfect choice if you are looking for a baby shower activity with no games.

  1. Diaper Raffle: Raffle of diapers for guests or Have Guests bring diapers for a raffle

A Diaper Raffle is a delightful addition to any baby shower, bringing both practicality and excitement to the celebration. Here’s how it works: when sending out invitations, announce the diaper raffle, inviting guests to bring a pack of diapers for the baby-to-be. In return, they receive diaper raffle tickets. 

These tickets are then entered into a drawing during the baby shower, where one or more lucky winners are selected randomly. The prizes can range from simple, thoughtful favors to more elaborate gifts. It’s a win-win scenario – guests get a chance to win something special, and the parents-to-be stock up on a much-needed supply of diapers for their little one.

  1. Decorating Onesies with Iron-Ons: Fun and Easy

Take onesie decorating up a notch with iron-on transfers. Provide a variety of adorable designs and let guests choose their favorites. With an iron or heat press, they can apply their creative designs to onesies, creating custom outfits for the baby.

  1. Guess the Baby Food: A Tasty Challenge

Organizing the “Guess the Baby Food” activity gives your guests a fun challenge.  A baby shower activity that is no game is always a great alternative, and this activity is enjoyable. Prepare small baby food containers with the labels removed and ask guests to taste and guess the flavor. It’s a hilarious game that’s sure to generate plenty of laughter.

  1. Baby Photo Bingo: Celebrate with Memories

Create bingo cards with baby photos of the mom-to-be and her partner. Guests mark the corresponding pictures as you call out descriptions or stories related to the images. It’s a sentimental twist on the classic game that adds a personal touch.

How do you make a baby shower not dull?

To ensure a baby shower isn't dull, infuse it with fun and heartfelt activities. Skip the traditional games and opt for creative alternatives like a diaper raffle, baby gift bingo, or crafting personalized baby onesies. Encourage guests to share parenting advice and well wishes on diapers or in a memory jar. Create a fingerprint tree canvas as a keepsake for the mum-to-be's nursery. Engage everyone in making custom burp cloths or decorating baby blocks. These activities entertain and create lasting memories, making the baby shower a joyful and memorable celebration for all.

What is the order of activities for a baby shower?

A baby shower typically begins with a warm welcome, allowing guests to mingle and enjoy refreshments. The highlight comes when the mom-to-be opens her gifts, often accompanied by baby gift bingo for added fun. Baby shower activities follow, such as diaper raffles or crafting sessions. Delicious food and cake or treats satisfy appetites, while optional games add extra entertainment. Throughout, guests socialize, sharing stories and advice. A moment of gratitude from the host or mom-to-be precedes the departure, with guests receiving party favors as tokens of appreciation.
  1. Advice Cards for Mom and Dad: Wisdom from Loved Ones

In addition to mommy advice cards, consider creating advice cards for both mom and dad. Guests can share tips, anecdotes, and heartfelt messages for the parents-to-be. These cards become a treasure trove of wisdom for the new journey ahead.

  1. Baby’s First Wardrobe: Decorating Onesies

Invite guests to contribute to the baby’s wardrobe by providing plain white onesies and fabric markers. They can decorate the onesies with their designs, messages, or wishes. It’s a collaborative effort that results in a colorful and meaningful clothing collection.

  1. Baby-themed Charades: Fun and Laughter

Put a baby twist on the classic game of charades by using baby-related phrases, actions, or scenarios as clues. Guests can act out these amusing scenarios, leading to laughter and memorable moments.

  1. Mommy-to-be Journal: Words of Encouragement

Provide guests with journals and ask them to write messages, advice, or well wishes to the mom-to-be. Encourage them to include personal stories, funny anecdotes, or heartfelt sentiments. It’s a touching gift that she can cherish for years to come.

10. Create a Time capsule: Let’s add memories that can last through a Time Capsule

Creating a time capsule at a baby shower is a heartwarming activity that allows guests to contribute precious memories and messages for the baby-to-be. Each guest jots down a fact, thought, or significant event from the current year and places it in the time capsule. This thoughtful collection of memories, sealed with love, will be saved and shared with the child when they’re old enough to appreciate this cherished glimpse into the past, making it a truly meaningful and enduring gift.

  1. Baby Shower Scrapbooking: Create Memories Together

Set up a scrapbooking station with various decorative materials, including stickers, paper, and embellishments. Guests can collaborate on creating a scrapbook filled with memories and wishes for the baby.

  1. Sweet Treat Decorating: Delicious Creativity

For a delectable activity, offer cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops for guests to decorate with frosting, sprinkles, and edible decorations. It’s a delightful way to satisfy sweet cravings and tap into your guests’ artistic talents.

  1. Baby Onesie Art Gallery

Elevate onesie decorating by turning it into an art gallery experience. Set up easels, canvases, or clotheslines with blank onesies as the canvas. Provide various art supplies, including fabric paints, markers, fabric scraps, and even tiny rhinestones. Encourage guests to unleash their inner artists and create wearable masterpieces for the baby. Once the onesies are complete, display them on a clothesline or a designated wall for everyone to admire. This activity showcases creativity and results in unique and personalized onesies for the little one.

  1. Baby Shower Book Club

Promote a love for reading immediately with a book club activity. Ask guests to bring their favorite children’s books as a gift for the baby. During the shower, allocate time for each guest to introduce their chosen book, sharing why it holds a special place in their heart. As they present the book, encourage them to inscribe a heartfelt message or advice for the baby inside the cover. This activity is not only not a game but builds a charming library for the baby but also fosters a love for storytelling and reading from an early age.

  1. Baby Trivia Tournament

Challenge your guests with a baby-themed trivia tournament. Create a list of questions about pregnancy, parenting, and baby facts. Divide your guests into teams or have them compete individually. Provide small prizes for the winners. This activity not only adds an element of friendly competition but also imparts valuable knowledge about the journey of parenthood.

  1. Baby Name Suggestions

Invite your guests to participate in a baby name brainstorming session. Provide slips of paper and pens, and ask each guest to write down their favorite baby names or unique name suggestions. Collect the name ideas in a box or basket. During the baby shower, the mom-to-be can read the suggestions aloud, sparking conversations and potentially discovering the perfect name for her little one.

Tips for a Fantastic Baby Shower

Plan Ahead

Start planning your baby shower well to ensure you have enough time to organize activities, gather supplies, and invite guests. A lead time of 6-8 weeks is ideal.

Consider the Mom’s Wishes

Before finalizing the activities and theme, consult with the mom-to-be to understand her preferences. Make sure the celebration reflects her style and desires.

Keep It Comfortable

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for the guests and the mom-to-be. Ensure there are comfortable seating options, especially if the celebration will last for a few hours.

Personalize the Decor

Add a personal touch to the decorations by incorporating meaningful elements for the mom-to-be and the baby. Consider including family photos or mementos.

Dietary Considerations

When planning snacks or refreshments, consider any dietary restrictions or allergies among the guests. Offer a variety of options to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Capture the Moments

Designate someone as the official photographer to capture candid moments during the baby shower. These photos will be cherished keepsakes for years to come.

Plan for Unexpected Weather

If you’re hosting an outdoor baby shower, have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Ensure there’s a covered area or an indoor space available if needed.

Theme Consistency

If you’ve chosen a theme for the baby shower, ensure that all elements, from decorations to activities, align with the music. Consistency creates a visually appealing and immersive experience for guests.

Interactive Invitations

Get creative with your invitations by including interactive elements. For example, you can incorporate a cute baby-themed puzzle or a scratch-off section that reveals event details. It’s a fun way to set the tone from the start.

Guestbook with a Twist

Instead of a traditional guestbook, consider having guests leave their thumbprints and signatures on a tree or a balloon-themed canvas. It’s a beautiful keepsake that the mom-to-be can hang in the nursery.

Thoughtful Party Favors

Show appreciation to your guests with thoughtful party favors. These can be small, personalized gifts that tie into the theme or the activities of the baby shower. It’s a lovely way to thank them for sharing in the celebration.

Music Playlist

Curate a playlist of soothing or baby-themed music to play in the background. Soft melodies can enhance the overall ambiance and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Activity Stations

If you plan multiple activities, set up designated stations to keep things organized. The activity stations allow guests to move freely between activities and ensure everyone can participate without incorporating games.

Prepare for Surprises

Be open to surprises and unplanned moments during the baby shower. Sometimes, the most heartwarming and memorable experiences happen spontaneously.

Thank-You Notes

Remember to send thank-you notes to all the guests who attended the baby shower. A heartfelt note of appreciation goes a long way in expressing your gratitude.


Is it okay to have a baby shower without games?

No rule states that games are required, or the color scheme must be pastel. Some of the most memorable baby showers have unique, non-traditional, or no theme! So, do what seems fun to the parent-to-be and guests.

How can I ensure that everyone participates in the activities?

Encourage participation by keeping the activities lighthearted and inclusive. Provide clear instructions, and consider having small prizes or favors for winners or active participants.

Are these activities suitable for co-ed baby showers?

Absolutely! Many of these activities are gender-neutral and perfect for co-ed baby showers. Feel free to adapt them to suit your guest list.

How can I make the activities more memorable?

Consider incorporating personalized elements like custom baby onesies or a collaborative scrapbook. These items will serve as lasting mementos of the special day.

Can I include these activities in a virtual baby shower?

Certainly! Some activities are not games for virtual baby showers as well. You can mail out supplies or provide digital templates for guests during the online celebration.

What if the mom-to-be has specific preferences or a theme for the baby shower?

Tailor the activities to align with the mum-to-be's preferences and the chosen theme. For example, if it's a woodland-themed shower, incorporate forest-inspired elements into the activities.

How do I ensure that guests of all ages can participate?

Choose activities that are inclusive and adaptable for various age groups. For younger guests, provide more straightforward versions of the activities, and for older guests, offer challenges to keep things interesting. With these engaging baby shower activities and valuable tips, you're well-equipped to host a memorable celebration that will be cherished by all who attend.

Final Thoughts

In Closing, as we wrap up our journey through baby shower activities, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of celebrating new life, the bonds of friendship and family, and the joy that fills the air during these gatherings. It is possible to host baby shower activities with no games. Much like the unique activities we’ve explored today, each baby shower is a one-of-a-kind event, reflecting the personality and preferences of the mom-to-be. Whether planning a cozy gathering with close friends or a lively co-ed affair, remember that the key ingredients are love, laughter, and a touch of creativity.

 The baby shower is a new beginning, a fresh chapter in the story of a growing family. So, infuse your baby shower with personal touches, heartfelt moments, and unforgettable activities. So, Mama-to-be, as you prepare to celebrate this beautiful chapter of your life, embrace the warmth, laughter, and joy that come with it.

 And when you look back on this day, you’ll remember the activities and the love that made them truly special. With these delightful activities and heartfelt moments, your baby shower is bound to be a cherished event that leaves a smile on everyone’s face and a lifetime of love in your heart. Happy celebrating!

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