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First Time Mom Tips

Are you a first time mom looking for helpful tips?  

As first-time mom, you will definitely

encounter a lot of new challenges. You

 know, solving these issues is not the hard

 part, in fact, keeping your head up and

 making the right decisions in these

 circumstances is. 

And the hardest part is staying optimistic

 despite any difficulties.

You will make a lot of mistakes as a new

 mom so trust the process. However this can

 be avoided have any prior knowledge or a

 support system to fall back on.

When you’re a first-time mom, you want

 things to be perfect and everything to go as

 planned. In order for that to happen, you

 must find balance, and finding that balance

 will sometimes involve allowing others to


The words “I need help” are hard to say, but

 learn to embrace them throughout this

 mommy journey. It’s great to have a

 support system like family, friends, or even

 a doula to assist with the baby.

But you also need some practical tips as a first-time mom to keep you ahead of the curve.

I know when I was becoming a new mom, I had a strong support system and it was very important to me. I often relied on the advice of my mom, friends who were moms, family, books, and my doula which gave me comfort during the entire process of motherhood.

If you’re a first-time mom reading this, I’m sure there are challenges and you want to give yourself as much knowledge on what to expect. Well, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will tell you ten useful tips for first-time moms. These are the things I wish I had known before becoming a mom for the first time myself.

I hope they’re as useful to you as I believe they will be. So, let’s get started.

1. Take Care Of Yourself

You need to take care of yourself, girl. It’s the first of many practical tips for first-time moms. Motherhood often causes us to forget ourselves. We are so focused on others that we totally neglect our own fitness and health. 

This concept was difficult for me at first because I knew the baby needed me. My firstborn was a NICU baby so he needed a lot of attention but with my second son, my body forced me to care for myself first.

It can be pretty difficult because if you can’t do everything on your own for your baby, you start feeling guilty. But I want you to always remember that asking for help is self-care.

You should not fall into the phase of “superwoman” trying to do it all. You can take your power back by embracing help, and it can be from anyone, it can be from your doula, husband, a family member or even hiring a cleaner.

Always do what is best for you. I took advantage of doing these things and it felt amazing.

Once you begin the journey of motherhood, you’re always going to be a mom. So don’t wait for the ideal moment to start paying attention to yourself. To be honest, the time is always now. You need to love yourself unconditionally. It is important to learn to embrace your new body and decide how you want to transform it on your own terms. 

It is best to continue taking care of yourself and treating yourself well while caring for your children’s needs. Your body has gone through some changes. It took 9 months to make your baby, so don’t feel pressured about getting that “snap-back.” Be patient with yourself and your body, all while giving yourself the care you deserve.

Nobody else will look after you if you don’t. Glam up, take a selfie, and model like Beyonce. You are a star and you should be proud of it! 

2. Listen To Your Body, Take a Break

New mom

In the beginning, I never really knew how much less sleep you will have after becoming a mom.  When I chose to breastfeed, I was proud of that decision because according to my research it was healthy for the baby.

Nobody probably told you but one of the tips for first-time moms you need to hear right now is that you need to get some rest while you can!

When the nurse told me I needed to feed the baby every two hours, I never knew nights were included. I found myself pumping and nursing around the clock, and not to mention changing the baby’s diapers as well.

I wish they would have told me to get all the rest I could at the hospital because I would need it later.

It can be exhausting and you almost feel as though you’ll never get enough rest. Luckily, as the baby gets older, the feeding times decrease and that gives you time to sleep a little longer.

I did end up using both breastfeeding and formula. I want to let you know that whatever method you choose to feed your baby is still a great decision. The most important thing is to make sure they are being fed. There is no need to feel guilty either way. You are a great mom.

Take a break when you need to throughout the day alternating with your partner and you can even have family come over and spend the night so you get to rest a little.

Don’t beat yourself up if you get tired, girl. It’s natural to get tired. But it is not okay to over-exert yourself. Always make time to relax and recharge yourself after a long day.

The more rested you are, the better you will be at caring for your baby and the rest of your family.

Don’t dismiss the importance of these small breaks in your new life, which is something first-time moms often forget to consider.

3. You’re Doing Great. Don’t Be In A Hurry

New mom

Never compare your child’s development to another child’s. Every child grows at their own pace.

When my first son was a baby, I was so anxious for him to walk. The doctors have what they call ‘ Their Milestones’ guide they give you to make sure your baby is on track.

Well, when I read the age they should be walking and saw that my child still hadn’t taken his first steps, I started getting nervous. I questioned if my child would thrive or fall behind. Long story short he didn’t start walking until 15 months and I was like what just happened?

I had to tell myself “ You Got This, Mommy; Just Breathe.” The truth is your baby has their own unique pace for everything and some babies like to crawl a bit longer than others.

I learned at that moment to trust my baby and have faith that he will progress, but on his own terms. So keep your head up mommy, baby knows best. LOL!

Please allow yourself to get lost in every moment, and take a lot of pictures or videos. You can then use those pictures to create an album of memories and don’t put this off at all because time really flies with your little one.

As a mom, you may come across other people’s stories and feel like you aren’t doing enough for your child, but that isn’t the case. You may even feel like your child is meeting their milestones slower than others. Please don’t feel discouraged by that.

Someone somewhere wishes they could do what you’re doing right now. When you start looking down on yourself, you open the door to problems that don’t even exist. Manifest positivity into your life and your child’s life.

If you do see signs of a delay there is nothing wrong with checking it out. Some babies may need the extra help so there are programs like early intervention that assist with you child from a baby until 3 years old. My son had to end up in this program an in the end it helped him thrive tremendously.

You simply must know your baby extremely well to understand what works for them and how to best treat them.

This is one of the practical tips for first-time moms I wish someone had told me way earlier. I probably wouldn’t have gone through so much stress.

4. Girl Save Your Coins, It’s All About The Quality

It’s only a matter of time before you realize that the majority of the expensive items you buy as a mom aren’t all that different from the inexpensive ones on the market.

What you should concentrate on is the product’s quality. Not the cost. Most stores offer their own brand of the exact product you are purchasing and it is most of the time cheaper than the branded one.  For example, at target there is pampers or pull-up brand, however I prefer targets up and ups. You can get more diapers in a box and spend less than the store brand. Thank me later.

And they win. I don’t think I need to tell you that this new chapter in your life comes with some financial obligations. Girl, you don’t want to make every dollar count!

I know when you’re a new mom it’s tempting to buy everything before the baby, but I would recommend waiting until after the baby shower to make an inventory of what you have. This will give you an idea of what you actually need, and save you some coins.

Besides, you won’t be using everything right away so don’t feel pressured into getting everything at once.

I also would recommend if you want to save money, reach out to family or friends who have the same sex kids as you’re having, and see if they have any gently used clothes that they would gladly give to you.

Fun Fact: You can never have too many diapers or wipes. So I had a gender reveal and the entry into it was for each guest to bring diapers or wipes. This worked like magic. I had so many diapers and wipes it looked like a store in my home.

The moral of the story: where there is a will there’s a way. So save your coins, mommy.

This is certainly one of the most important practical tips for first-time moms you’ll find very helpful.

5. Have A Better Understanding Of Your Child

Next on the list of practical tips for first-time moms is this very important point.

It’s fine to listen to other people’s opinions on certain topics, but when it comes to your baby, no one spends as much time with them as you do. So if anyone should know them best, it should be you.

Before you make any decisions, make sure they’re in the best interests of your child, and you’ve taken into account all their unique characteristics.

Don’t make decisions based solely on other people’s perceptions of your child.

Make sure you pay attention to what your child likes and always introduce them to new things whether it be food, a new toy, or teaching them a new language.

Remember, it starts at home.

6. Utilize Digital Services

You are a new mom and it’s important to work smart, not hard. Am I the only one who became an Amazon and Target fanatic during the pandemic? 

If you want to get groceries without the hassle of taking the children along, online shopping is the best way to go. It will save you time and money. 

Most of the things that are found online often come with discounts or even online coupons which are, ofcourse, for online shopping only. You can do the same with clothes, shoes, and whatever else you need to help you get through the day. You can order any goods and services online and have them delivered to your home.

If you keep going out to buy everything you need, I’m sure you’ll be exhausted every single day of the week. That is not something you want, especially not as a new mom. Just make your selection online and you are good to go. Being a mom is all about thinking quickly on your feet and making the most of your time.
For most of the new moms I’ve spoken with, this is one of the best tips that they’ve come across.

7. Keep Records

Motherhood entails a lot of responsibilities. If you’re a new mom, you might not understand this right now. However, one way to make your job as a mother easier is to keep detailed records of all major events.

Keep track of important dates, events, health reports, and any other information that may play a part in your baby’s overall development. This will make you feel organized and allow you to be prepared if anything arises.

You can keep both digital and physical copies of these records to ensure their security at all times. You won’t find a more helpful tip for first-time moms than this one right here.

8. Get The Hands Free Breast Pump

Being a mom, we become masters of multitasking. When I found out about the hands-free breast pump I was in love. I used a pump called the Elvie Pump.

This pump was amazing! All I had to do was let it charge, place it, and the pumping begins. You can even control how strong you want the suction. This way I was able to still do what I need to do for the baby, all while the pump was going on it’s on.

If you choose to breastfeed and need to pump, this is a game changer… Of course, Formula is always okay as long as your baby is being fed, that’s all that matters.

After breastfeeding, your breasts will change a bit. It won’t be as plump as they were before, but remember that you blessed your child with that mommy’s gold, and that’s what matters.

9. Keep Your Stomach Wrap On, Sis

When they send you home from the hospital they give you a stomach wrap for your stomach. As uncomfortable as it is, you should try you’re best to keep wearing it throughout the day.

I knew I needed to wear it and it was just so uncomfortable so I would take it off at times. If you want to get that snap back when it comes to the stomach area, try to keep this band on to avoid having a baby pouch.

My mom would always remind me to make sure to have on the stomach wrap especially right after giving birth to flatten the tummy a bit.

If you wanna be back to you’re healthy self anytime soon, this is one of the best tips for first-time moms.

You can also put different creams on the stomach area to prevent too much dryness on the belly.

10. Never Stop Pursuing Your Dreams

As a mom and a wife, we dedicate ourselves entirely to these titles. One thing that is important to remember is that as women, we must feel fulfilled within ourselves and remember what our passions are.

Even though you are a mom, you can still have a career and pursue your dreams. Allow your children to be the motivation to continue to pursue all those dreams and aspirations.

Trust me, you will not be taking anything away from them. If anything, it will bring meaning to your life and you’ll be an inspiration to your children. If they see you pursuing your passions, they’ll learn that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to.

And after becoming a mom some of your interests may change and that’s okay. Just make the proper adjustments and go for it.

This way, you can always keep your sanity while caring for your children. They are deserving of all the life has to offer.

This is one of the tips for first-time moms I’ve always held dear to my heart. Though I had to learn it the hard way, I will always cherish it. 

In Closing

Finally, we’ve concluded this article. Nothing makes me happier as a mommy than seeing other mothers happy as they go about their motherly duties.

Some of these tips were unavailable to me when I first became a new mother, and as a result, I encountered some challenges along the way. It only made me stronger and allowed me to pivot with a purpose.

I believe that these 10 practical tips for first-time moms will make a change in your life.

Now you can look at yourself in the mirror and say “ You Got this Mommy, Just Breathe.”

If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no perfect way to prepare financially for your baby. Every baby comes with its own demands. But the bottom line is that you must have a sustainable source of income because your baby will be utterly dependent on you for so many years to come.


You also need to have a good amount in savings so you can cater for emergencies. And finally, you must be able to differentiate between your needs and your wants, so you don’t spend money unnecessarily. 

You can expect to use 3 to 5 diapers per day for your newborn babies. So that brings the count to roughly 90 to 150 diapers per month. If your baby tends to poop more frequently, you are even likely to go upwards of 200. So as a benchmark, you should be budgeting for 150 to 200 diapers per month. 

As your baby ages, they will need a lot of things but the most important ones that need to be provided every month include diapers, baby wipes, toys and clothing. They will also need a cot, bassinet or any other carriage but these are one-time expenses. 

Immediately after giving birth, you are likely to lose between 5 to 7 Kg of weight. This weight loss may happen between the first two weeks to the first 12 weeks after delivery. It also depends on whether you gave birth naturally or you had a CS. However, after losing this amount of weight, losing more weight can be slow and may require regular exercise and dieting. 

First-time moms can prepare for babies in so many ways but I recommend doing the following things:

  1. Prepare enough meals and freeze them because, for the first few weeks, you will have absolutely no time to cook and do so much work. It will be just you and that little blessing. 
  2. Buy all the necessary baby stuff down. Today, with scans, you can see the gender of your baby beforehand. So you already know the gender. Go into a baby store and buy all the important stuff such as newborn clothing, diapers and toiletries. 
  3. Make sure you visit your midwife or doctor based on schedules to understand if there are any special recommendations for your delivery and how you can handle such issues. 
  4. Get enough time to rest because you’ll need all the energy to get that beautiful soul out of your womb, and into the world. But more importantly, you’ll need all the energy to cater for them when they finally arrive. 

These are some of the best preparation tips for first time moms.


What you should not do with a newborn is a question that has a tall list for an answer. But here are the most important things to know. First of all, don’t handle your baby unless you’re sure your hands are clean - or near to clean. 

You can only ensure this by washing your hands thoroughly. Also, don’t shake your baby in joy, anger or as a way of playing with them. This can affect that child’s health and cause mild to severe health concerns in the long run. This is one of the main tips for first time moms.


For context, your baby’s brain will be forced to move up and down during such vigorous shakes and this can lead to bleeding in the brain and many other serious health conditions you definitely don’t want to deal with. 

Also, I know the temptation of giving your child enough comfort can be so high. But don’t leave them in a super-chilled room. You may end up doing more harm than good to your child. Just make sure the room is not so warm but not so cold either. 

It can be difficult but don't skip these tips for first time moms. 


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